Your wedding, Your way

Weddings have been celebrated across different cultures and countries in different ways since ancient times. There is evidence of humans marking the milestones in their lives in our whole history.

It is simply human nature to want to mark these rites of passage with friends and family; to create a deeply meaningful, memorable, and inclusive ceremony to celebrate the love and happiness of your commitment to each other.

People might choose to have a humanist wedding for a number of reasons, for example: to have a secular ceremony that’s still inclusive of their different cultural or faith backgrounds, or a wedding in a particular location, or their own story told to the people they love most, or to set the tone they want for the rest of their wedding day.

Whichever reason, I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t absolutely loved their own humanist wedding or the one they’ve simply attended.

A little about me

Like many people, I hold a strong affinity with humanist principles of kindness and equality.

I have a passion for language, story-telling and script-writing, as well as researching and dreaming up new ideas. I really enjoy listening to couple’s ideas and stories, and I love the collaborative creative process , as well as writing and conducting utterly unique ceremonies.

I trained and was accredited by the oldest network of non-religious celebrants, Humanists UK,  in 2014, in time to marry my brother (and my now sister-in-law). Since then, I’ve conducted weddings in fields, castles, woodlands, gardens, rooftops, marquees and restaurants. You can read some of the feedback here.

Love and happiness

Tasha xXx

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