Jersey, in the Channel Islands, looks likely to give legal recognition to humanist marriage. They have decided to update the outdated marriage laws, to recognise same sex marriage and humanist marriage, which is exciting news for islanders and people in the U.K.

Jersey, in the Channel Islands, is a stunningly beautiful island that is located near France. The largest of the Channel Islands, it has a wide selection of hotels, historic buildings and sandy beaches. It also benefits from having economical Easyjet flights and is well-connected to UK airports.
Although it’s only a short flight from the U.K, its incredible beauty and microclimate mean it truly feels like a holiday destination.

At the moment, the only accredited, trained and experienced celebrant in the Channel Islands is Gary Vaudin. I was lucky to have been assigned Gary as my mentor whilst I was living in Guernsey. Gary is extremely well-respected on the island as a wedding and funeral celebrant/funeral director.

Unforeseen circumstances sadly meant that my daughter and I had to return to the U.K. but we still visit as much as possible and I am very keen on any opportunity to come back to conduct weddings and I can carry out most meetings via Skype/Facetime.

Humanist Ceremonies are training new celebrants for Jersey and they are being well-guided by mentors in the U.K. All celebrants will have to work to the same code of conduct, and standards of practice.

As accredited celebrants, with Humanists UK (formerly known as the British Humanist Association), we are able to gain permission to conduct weddings with legal recognition in Scotland. Our Head of Ceremonies was able to conduct a wedding with legal recognition in Northern Ireland last year. Hopefully, as legal recognition for humanist marriage is achieved, we will be in the position to conduct meaningful, non-religious weddings in all parts of the British Isles.

Humanists UK continues to campaign on the behalf of non-religious people (now 53% of the population) for their right to have a humanist wedding that is legally recognised (omitting the need for a registrar).
If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibility of a humanist wedding in Jersey, Guernsey or anywhere in the Channel Islands, please do get in touch.