Strange times and how this affects our couples and their weddings this year is unknown. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ seems to be as poignant a message today as it was for our grandparents and great grandparents. 

So, the following are just some positive actions/thoughts for my couples this summertime, that I thought I’d share. As the situation is changing daily, there’s also list of the most useful, updated official advice further below:

  • Of course, I’m happy to hold meetings via Skype/Facetime during the next month, to avoid unnecessary travel or contact. Please be assured that I will let you know immediately if I have to self-isolate; this hasn’t happened and I’ve always been slightly OCD about hand-washing/personal hygiene anyway.
  • If you wish to organise the filming of your wedding ceremony for friends and relatives who are unable to travel, or are over 70 and do not wish to risk travel, please note that I’m happy to help with that. We can stage the ceremony so that the audience, whether in the same vicinity or elsewhere, can be part of your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony could be streamed live (I’ve done this before and it worked brilliantly). There are small adjustments we can make to ensure the ceremony is visible and can be heard. Also, I have trusted videographers I can recommend, or we can set up something simple, depending on budget.
  • It’s good to reassure your guests that your humanist wedding can be held anywhere, and many can be held outside, or in larger spaces, so the guests can be arranged spaciously. We don’t have to conform to any layout, which might help if you decide to segregate people ‘at risk’ from other guests in close quarters.
  • If you are considering rebooking, please see my calendar below, which shows committed dates, as I still have a lot of availability and of course, I’ll be as flexible as possible if you decide to move your wedding ceremony to a different date.

I understand that this must be a worrying time for all of you who are organising weddings. 

On a personal note, my brother lives in Hong Kong (with his wife and my two young nieces) and he sent a reassuring message that the situation seems to be getting better there now.

With large scale festivals and events being cancelled, and so much self-isolation currently happening, the optimist in me thinks that the chances to come together for family and friends to celebrate your weddings with you will be even more meaningful.  

Please stay safe and keep well. TashaXx

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Links to Official Advice:

The Government’s Response. Includes a detailed guide to the government’s response and includes recommended publications and specialist blogs.

– NHS Overview. Provides valuable public health information on the coronavirus and important advice on the associated risks.

– Latest Government Advice. Contains a comprehensive breakdown of all Coronavirus areas of concern.

– Twitter Updates. Receive accurate and reliable information directly from the UK Department for Health and Social Care.

Please be advised that the government and NHS links are updated live due to the rapidly changing situation.