The UK government’s new legislation, regarding the ‘rule of 6’ and the amended rules around weddings, allows Humanist weddings under ‘belief’ weddings, to a maximum number of 30.

This is great news for Humanist weddings, as we have been striving to be identified as secular/non-religious belief weddings. Humanists believe in looking to science, reason, empathy and compassion in order to live an ethical and meaningful life. We believe that people don’t need religion to hold good moral values.

Are you a humanist? Here is a fun little quiz that you can take or share.

Are you looking for a humanist wedding celebrant?

I’m available:

  • 10th/11th October
  • 17th/18th October
  • 24th/25th October
  • 31st October/1st November
  • 14th/15th November
  • 21st/22nd November
  • 28th/29th November
  • 5th/6th December

I live between Brighton and London, and I’m happy to travel anywhere over the South East (Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Essex).